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Thoughts, Conflicts, and a Contemplation or Two


"Thoughts" was originally written as a group of piano inventions in 1967. Each piece is quite short with most lasting around a minute. I had intentions of adding more inventions over the years.

As an exercise, I scored the first three parts for chamber orchestra in 1990. In 1995, I added two more parts and finished the scoring for all five.
Titles for the five part are 

1) Thought 1

2) Thought 2

3) Conflict 1

4) Contemplation 2

5) Conflict 2 (The Argument). 

Musically, there is no organized form to these pieces. Each is constructed quite freely, one note simply moving to the next. Listen to each piece in that context -- one note to the next.
Piano version published through SheetMusic+

Richard Audd

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